20. 12. 2019.

The defensive embankments-a new market segment in HRB sales

The use of BeoSol hydraulic binder is most often associated with civil engineering infrastructure facilities such as higher and lower-ranking roads, access roads, plateaus, etc. Lafarge Serbia, in this segment of sales, is expanding its market share to hydro-technical facilities, i.e., defence embankments along rivers.

In cooperation with the World Bank, which is also the funding body of such projects, cooperation was achieved on the project “Reconstruction of the embankment top at the border crossing Bogojevo” where the Lafarge team from the early design stage provided technical support in the form of complete laboratory tests, construction calculations, until the final stage of installation.

Instead of the “classic” solution of reconstruction with replacement of materials, which on this particular project was 25% more expensive and significantly more difficult to perform in terms of the logistic, given that the embankment is raised 6m above ground level, due to the Lafarge’s solution, the above-mentioned project of 6.5 km was completed in less than a month, which is significantly shorter than the deadline. Before the installation of the final layer of asphalt, at the request of the supervisory authorities, a load-bearing test of the stabilized structure was performed, which showed values far above the expected ones. With the successful completion of the project in Bogojevo, Lafarge solutions were affirmed, and the door was opened for further cooperation with the PE “Waters of Vojvodina”, but also with other companies in similar projects.