30. 12. 2021.

Lafarge RMX Team

H&S – Priority No.1

H&S culture is our utmost value. H&S in all processes – from concrete production to delivery on site is our first priority.

Ivan Stetina, our colleague who is responsible for H&S in Lafarge RMX operations, follows, checks and improves on daily basis all processes in Lafarge RMX plants and on sites where the concrete is delivered. Beside the top-quality concrete, technical and logistic support, safe production and delivery of concrete is the key to successful operation.

“It’s always a challenge to make people interested in something already familiar, such as H&S rules. For example, rules related to safe driving, use of safety belts, mobile phones while driving and in the areas of increased hazard (construction sites, production facilities, etc.) and similar rules and limitations have been repeated frequently, but can save lives and health of people.“

In Lafarge Serbia in general, but also within the RMX operations, we are daily engaged to increase the awareness of our employees and customers, business partners, transporters and sub-contractors about importance of H&S procedures in order to perform all activities in a safe way and with high quality. Due to such approach, we proudly underline there were no work related injuries in Lafarge RMX operations for all these years.

Promotion of H&S culture is our goal for the future with continuous refreshing, training and field activities, aiming to transfer adopted models to the private life of our employees and partners.