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Standard and innovative concrete

Lafarge Concrete

In addition to top-quality cement, the company Lafarge BFC is recognizable on the domestic market for its offer of high-quality concrete, both standard and so-called innovative concrete, specialized for certain purposes.

Lafarge concrete plants use different types of cement, with special attention to the granulometric composition of the aggregate; the use of modern measuring devices at all times ensures the precise dosing of the input components of concrete, as well as the delivery of the exact ordered amount of concrete to customers. For the transport of Lafarge concrete, concrete mixers with a capacity of 7 to 10 m³ are available, as well as concrete pumps with a hand length of 28 to 47 meters.

Lafarge’s concrete plants offer the service of cooling fresh concrete in summer conditions, as well as heating concrete in the winter months, which completes the possibility of delivering concrete throughout the year and provides customers with quality concrete at all times, respecting the required project dynamics.

In addition to a wide range of high-quality products, Lafarge, as stated, provides its customers with technical solutions that create additional value for product users, which makes Lafarge reliable support for the construction industry in Serbia.


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