18. 01. 2022.

Lafarge Concrete Heating

Demanding dynamics of construction works, primarily at capital projects, but also at smaller commercial buildings, imposes requirement for continuous delivery of concrete, regardless of the weather conditions. Triggered by such requirements, for the last several years, Lafarge Company provides innovative technologies of concrete heating and cooling during the summer, which enables continuous concrete delivery all year around.

Lafarge RMX plants, positioned in Lestane, Ada Huja, Sava Embankment and Makis Field, dispose of the state-of-the-art system for fresh concrete heating, maintaining the temperature of material between optimal 5 and 30C, which guarantees required concrete performances regardless of weather conditions.

Heated concrete is being delivered this winter for the construction of the Belgrade Bypass, enlargement of the Nikola Tesla Airport, tire production facility in Indjija, recycling facility in Vinca and other projects.

Excellent quality of Lafarge products, innovative solutions required at cold and hot weather conditions, flawless transportation and logistics service, all together represent the best response to challenging demands of domestic construction sector.