Cement, pack of 50kg

Beočinski Profi is a cement of strength class 42,5R* which enables concreting at lower temperatures with greater resistance of concrete to the action of frost compared to all other types of cement. It is recommended for demanding concretes, which are expected to have properties such as frost resistance, water resistance, a fast increase in strength, as well as for high brands of concrete. An extremely fast increase in strength makes Beočinski Profi cement ideal for industrial production of concrete elements and final prefabricated mortars.

*The designation 42.5 represents the strength class of cement, while the letters N and R denote the speed at which concrete achieves strength. Beočinski Profi is a cement of strength class 42.5 with a rapid increase in strength (R).

For work at low temperatures
For industrial production of concrete elements

Recommended for:

  • underground works when constructing the foundations of buildings
  • production of prefabricated concrete elements
  • construction of load-bearing concrete structures of commercial and industrial buildings, as well as residential buildings of larger dimensions
  • concreting at low temperatures (t<5°C)
  • concretes that require resistance to frost or combined frost and thawing salts
  • waterproof concrete
  • production of masses for finishing works in construction (dry plasters and glues)

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