Beobond C30

HYDRAULIC BINDERS – Products for stabilization and modification of materials in road construction

Appearance of uncategorized path after rainy period, before and after stabilization

BEOBOND C30 – cement-lime hydraulic binder for roads of the latest generation, is designed for stabilization and modification of soils where the percentage of moisture and the content of clay particles is very high. By using the BEOBOND C30 binder, the increased soil moisture is reduced to the optimum, while the plasticity and swelling caused by the high content of clay particles are reduced to minimum values, i.e. neutralized.

The use of BEOBOND C30 binders enables the performance of works in unfavorable weather conditions (after the rainy period, snow melting) as well as the use of materials whose characteristics do not meet the requirements of the project (materials with low CBR values, high plasticity and swelling).

BEOBOND C30 is characterized by:

  • The uniform quality is obtained by a fully automated production process.
  • The specific composition that transforms each type of soil into an excellent basis for the construction of structures in the field of civil engineering (combination of fly ash and cement clinker contribute to increasing the load-bearing capacity of treated materials while quicklime is responsible for water absorption)
  • Reduced environmental impact – controlled production of binders reduces CO 2 emissions per tonne of material produced by up to 25% compared to the production of the same amount of cement commonly used for stabilization, which puts this product in the group of environmentally friendly so-called green materials.

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