Products for stabilization and modification of materials in road construction



Cement-lime hydraulic binder for roads of the latest generation

Hydraulic binder for roads

Lafarge hydraulic road binders, manufactured in factory-controlled conditions, are suitable for stabilizing the subsoil, embankments, as well as the lower and upper supporting layer in the construction of pavement structures; they are used to treat a wide range of substrates and materials, such as stone aggregate, gravel, sand, clay, wood, etc. The role of the Lafarge Road binder is to interconnect material particles (soil, stone aggregate) and improve the mechanical properties of the substrate (especially compressive strength and load-bearing capacity). When applying binders, local aggregates or soils are most often used, which can have significant differences in properties. The final composition of the mixture (binder, aggregate and/or soil), which is determined in laboratory conditions, must be adjusted to the requirements of the project and field conditions, and according to existing standards EN 14227-1, EN 14227-15 and SRPS U.E9.024.


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