30. 01. 2019.

BeoSol – stabilization solution

Stabilization, as a solution for better, more durable, and cost-efficient roads, is finding more and more significant application in Serbia, thanks to numerous, in practice confirmed advantages. Lafarge BeoSol hydraulic binder, manufactured under factory-controlled conditions, has proven to be the right choice for stabilization technology. Specialized for soil stabilization, aggregates, as well as for cold recycling, BeoSol binder is characterized by uniform quality and optimal increase in strength, which reduces the possibility of cracks and ruts in the pavement structure, which significantly increases its durability. Roads treated with BeoSol have been proven to be firmer, more stable, and more resistant.

Due to the mentioned performances, BeoSol 32.5 was successfully applied during the construction of the road infrastructure of the Kovačica wind farm. Together with its long-term partner, Extra Auto Transport, Lafarge participated in the construction of service roads and plateaus within the wind farm, with a total length of over 40 km.

On that occasion, the method of soil stabilization with the hydraulic binder for roads BeoSol 32.5 was applied, which incomparably accelerated the construction of these roads, with cost optimization compared to the classic method of stone embankment or the use of geotextiles.

In addition to the wind farm in Kovačica, Lafarge took part in several smaller projects in 2018, of which we should mention the stabilization of 32,000 m2 of embankment along the Tisa – Palić canal, in the Municipality of Subotica, which was done last fall. By stabilizing the top of the mentioned embankment, access to all hydro-technical facilities was facilitated, i.e., pumping stations and fortifications along the canal, which is of great importance for the local population.

Together with the company Jugokop Podrinje, during the summer of last year, the road of 1b class was reconstructed, on the section Futog – Begeč, with the application of the technological procedure of cold recycling, as one of the solutions suitable for strengthening the road construction. Approximately 10,000 m2 of the road Futog-Begeč was treated using a BeoSol binder. Also, among last year’s projects, local and agricultural roads in the municipalities of Subotica, Kula, Bački Petrovac, Novi Kneževac, Sombor can be mentioned, whose stabilization was accompanied by, among others, technical support, and control of the Lafarge Geomechanics Laboratory. During the current, jubilee year, Lafarge BFC will maintain the leading position of a reliable partner of the construction sector of Serbia, ensuring the high quality of its products, but also the development of the offer, through new products and solutions tailored to special applications and purposes.